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Recent Testimonials

While working with Alkemia she helped me become aware of certain triggers and emotional traumas that caused my repetitive way of thinking that was not necessarily serving me in a healthy way. Her nurturing loving soul always made me feel safe to open up and to authentically be. Her program assisted me in changing my direction/perspective (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, nutritionally) to one that would sever a higher and greater purpose. My life is forever changed by her gift to the world.

April G.

Going through the seven day cleanse did me a world of good. It pointed out what mindless snacking I do and helped put me back on track nutritionally. I will revisit in six months for sure!

Karla R.

Absolutely amazing. Beyond words what she was able to convey to me, the healing is immediate and long lasting. For me as a survivor it was easy to relax and feel safe and sound! Definitely recommend

Alyssa G.


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