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Mon, Jan 09


Online (Zoom)

7 Myths of Manifesting: 7 Hidden Blocks Stopping Your Manifestation Success and How to Remove Them

What if everything you learned about the Law of Attraction was wrong? In this class, you'll learn about the 7 Hidden Blocks Stopping Your Manifestation Success and How to Remove Them - Mistakes and Misconceptions Around Reality Creation.

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7 Myths of Manifesting: 7 Hidden Blocks Stopping Your Manifestation Success and How to Remove Them

Time & Location

Jan 09, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM MST

Online (Zoom)


About the event

Do you feel stuck in your manifesting journey? Confused? Lost? Like nothing is changing? And you don’t know what you’re doing wrong? If you answered ‘yes’, then keep reading… The term “Law of Attraction” was first used by a Russian author in 1877. Since then, millions of books, articles, videos, movies, and documentaries have been created. Law of Attraction content is abundant. We have access to more information than ever before. So why do people still feel stuck? Every time information is passed from one person to another, it’s slightly altered. With more information, come more alterations. With more alterations, come more misconceptions. With more misconceptions, come more mistakes. The truth gets lost. And before you know it, you’re spending days, weeks, months, or years practicing a method that is slow and ineffective. This is why less than 1% of people get significant and big results with manifesting. But if you can clear yourself of all misconceptions and know what common mistakes to avoid, it's easier to stay laser-focused on the practices that do work. Eventually making you a part of that 1%.

In The Myths of Manifesting, you’ll discover:

  • Why wanting more attracts less and how to find the right balance for effortless manifesting.
  • 3 pillars to reducing the effect obstacles, challenges, and setbacks have on your state of being.
  • How to attract more synchronicities, opportunities, and magical moments into your life without taking more action.
  • Common pitfalls that keep you stuck when following your joy and how to avoid them.
  • The #1 tool to getting the most out of negative situations and building significant momentum towards your goals.
  • Simple tweaks for maximizing your visualization practice and getting results in as little as one session.
  • How to make working long hours feel easy and enjoyable without experiencing burnout and fatigue.
  • Why letting go of control is the best and easiest path to everything you could ever want.
  • How to manage intrusive thoughts and stop getting lost in the past or future. Make focusing on the present moment easy and simple.
  • Why trying to feel good all the time can actually work against you and what to do instead.
  • The unspoken effect social media has on your ability to manifest your dream reality.
  • The one thing Napoleon Hill got wrong in his famous book Think and Grow Rich.

And much, much more... The Law of Attraction follows a collection of basic principles. But because these principles have been modified and misinterpreted, they’ve lost their true meaning. Avoid the common misconceptions and mistakes millions of people are making. In this FREE class, I'll help you get 'unstuck' so you can finally start taking leaps towards your dream reality.

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