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Alkemia Earth

My Journey

When I was 12, I was diagnosed with low blood sugar and anemia. The doctor told my family it would likely escalate to a diabetic condition later in life due to my genetic predisposition. My journey with wellness began in my early teens. I was on a quest to find out more about human potential and also heal myself.

I discovered the power of Reiki when I was 15 years old when I had I migraine and my aunt gave me a treatment ceasing the pain in its tracks. After giving birth to my 5th child naturally (2 home births and 3 natural hospital births) I coming close to needing a blood transfusion because of dangerously low iron levels. I had many episodes before that moment and after where I would nearly pass out/blackout. I was desperate to heal my body, mind, and my daughters severe eczema. I remember waking up to my then 2 year young scratching her inflamed skin until she bled and feeling helpless because I couldn't bring her comfort. I deepened my studies around the human body, food, and natural skin care. After training with a master herbalist and receiving a certification in pure skin care, I began whipping up my concoctions to help heal her skin.

My journey continued with my studies focused on the subtle energy body. I traveled to train with world-renowned healers and became certified in the healing arts of medical Qi-Gong, Reiki, BioEnergy, and Spiritual Alchemy.

After years of trial, error, failures and triumphs of self-discovery and thousands of hours of practice and study, I found that healing was a journey that needed to begin from within and that true transformation required a holistic approach to include the mind, body and spirit. 

Nearly a decade ago I entered the world of yoga and I paired my studies and fully transitioned to a vegan/plant-based lifestyle centered around whole, alkaline and raw foods. It worked! After years of trial and error and thousand of hours of study and practice, I found my calling when I received a call from a friend who was hospitalized from a blood sugar level of 548. He was diagnosed with diabetes. I put together a protocol for him and 4 weeks later, his doctor told him he must have been "misdiagnosed". His blood sugar was normal and there were no signs of diabetes. Victory.

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of transformation and energy therapy since 2011. I love empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. 

I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Energy Practitioner.


Appearances & Special Events

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